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GeodeGrove is an exquisite piece of preserved moss art that will bring a touch of nature and color to any space. Its beautiful arrangement of real preserved moss and ferns is set in a variety of frames – dark brown wood, white, or black – and is available in custom sizes to fit your needs. GeodeGrove requires no maintenance and is ready to bring life and color to your home right away.

⚬ Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks for your order to be processed.

⚬ Because each piece is handmade with care, variations between your Moss Art and the one pictured here may occur – making yours a true original!

⚬ Even though we always strive to ensure that each item is packaged safely, there is still a chance of damage in transit. Should this happen to you, please open the package immediately upon receipt and send us detailed pictures of both the product damage and the box damage. We will then replace the piece as soon as possible but cannot provide refunds.

⚬ Please note that watering is not necessary as these pieces are preserved and require no additional moisture.

⚬ Upon receipt of the moss art, it might emit an "Earthy" scent. Although this is quite normal and will dissipate after a few weeks, some individuals may dislike the smell. In that case, you could try to place it in a room with good airflow or outdoors but under cover to protect it from the elements. Even though this product is natural, we can still provide deodorizing spray as a last resort for those who cannot wait for the aroma to completely fade over a short period of time; however, out of our thousands of customers so far nobody has complained about the scent lingering beyond a couple weeks.

If you have any questions about this piece, just use the Message Seller button below and we’ll be happy to help!
Thanks for shopping at Botanica House!


  • preserved moss, jurassic ferns, preserved tree ferns, dried mushrooms 

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